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Research & Development

Together with partners SUTE strives to develop design and engineer new innovative, efficient methods and technologies which will lower investment and running costs, and increase yields for the operators of our systems through easier management, low harvest loss rates, increased average harvest yields, and most importantly increased sustainability through low resource requirements.


Commercial Production
We pride ourselves to be pioneers in developing innovative, commercially viable intensive recirculating aquaponic systems (IRAPS) for commercial production.
SUTE has set the goal to develop the most productive, stable & sustainable, commercially viable agricultural production systems, which can be managed easily and cost effectively, to foster a more profitable and sustainable cultivation method, that can revive local food production without lowering the variety and quality of foods available at any place, at any time, independent from irregularities in logistics or climate, to support local food businesses and improve the quality of life for everyone.
Hobby & Subsistence Systems

Although Miniponics and hobby systems are yet to be as efficient as larger systems, and are not always producing very large amounts of food, they are the driving force of innovation in aquaponics. Some of most innovative designs stemm from small home production systems, which can also have therapeutic and air purifying effects.

Larger subsistence or "backyard" systems, can produce enough food to cover a family's most fresh food needs and substantially safe money spent on groceries. SUTE has a tradition in the design & development of small to mid-sized aquaponic systems.

The SUTE team gets inspired by our customers to design and produce customer needs-tailored oriented solution to fulfill the growing dreams of all Aquaponics enthusiasts



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